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Oasis beckons reflection. Asking what is a necessary resource when death is inevitable. Will we measure our time in the water that passes through us or the art that we consume? Paintings by floppydisko.

Originally a web only game, Oasis is the first installment of Elsewhere, an ongoing collaborative series from Hana Weiss and me (@belamessex). You can play the original WebGL version at http://elsewhere.global or continue to the free download.


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I played it on elsewhere.global and really enjoyed it! I love how strange and interesting it is, and the "water field" effects are fascinating, also the artwork distortions. Even though it was a "walking sim", I really liked the idea of just finding this strange place out in the desert, exploring it, and contemplating its purpose.

I tried being bad and climbing some unintended dunes off the path, but I was stopped by mind-reading devs putting invisible walls in my way. XD hahaha.

Really cool. Looking forward to the other "Elsewheres" in the future, and I leave feeling inspired. The hop in the pool was refreshing.

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Hey thanks! We really appreciate that. That was our first game together, so yeah sorry about the invisible walls. We really want to finish the next installment, so hearing that you liked it is pretty motivating.

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No worries at all. :) If anything it shows you had the foresight to know I (and others) would inevitably try to go wandering off to the end of the world for some reason instead of towards your fascinating structure! :P

I'm glad you're motivated, because I can't wait to see what the next experience is like!

This is made in Unity right? Could you than please also export it for Linux? :)

Yes, it is made in unity. You can also play it in your browser by going to elsewhere.global. It plays and looks the same and you don't have to download it. Hope that helps.

<3 <3 <3 This is wonderful. I love walking sims, and especially ones about galleries I especially love the almost sci-fi vibes that this gives off. I also noticed while on the diving board the water sort of flowed into the room behind me instead of just instantly covering the floor. This is a neat little visual trick that made me smile. Also those echoed footsteps as I stepped inside really pulled the gallery bit off so well.

I fell of the steps to the upper level the first time I entered the gallery, and I drowned and ended up back outside. This little moment of the game really brought my thoughts back to what was going on in this place.

The artwork on the walls was also really cool and reminded me of some of the cover art for PC music songs/EPs https://soundcloud.com/pcmus

Overall this game was wonderful.

<3 thanks!

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epic! But how do i change my res on mac?

Hey, Oasis was originally built as a WebGL game, so the usual unity screen resolution menu was taken out. I added the menu and re -uploaded the mac build. So if you download the new version, you can choose your preferred screen resolution as the game launches.

hope that helps!

i get the error on mac "The application "OasisScreenFix" can't be opened"

hey meow, thanks for all of your comments. So I went from using mac to windows right when i finished developing this game. I guess I was compressing the mac folder as a ".rar" archive instead of ".zip" . Anyway, I uploaded a new version that has been properly compressed. Just tested on a mac book pro and it worked fine. Again, thanks for pointing out these issues... bedroom game development is a constant learning process.

Thanks! it works!

but i am finding bugs where when i set it to 1440x900 (my screen res) the "ready" text is not in the center.

Why can't my computer download this though.

hey sorry to hear that. Make sure on itch.io you go through three steps: click download > pay or not > download for your system. Where in the download process are you experiencing the issue?