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I liked the game. The gameplay is very fluid and fun, though some parts were really hard at the end. It's okay since in the final build is gonna be a smoother difficulty transition. The visuals are fantastic, I really like the lighting.

I had to restart the game because the flying blue ball was stuck:


Thanks so much for that feedback. That is the first I've seen it get stuck there, so nice work with the picture of the bug!

This game was super creative! I really like the concept and the art style. I had a lot of trouble with a certain puzzle, though, playing on keyboard, and got very frustrated. Don't take that to mean I didn't enjoy the game--I thought it was fantastic.

Here's my lets play if you wanna watch:

Thanks for sharing!!

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I did a small trailer of it for a class in college, thought of sharing it with you. This game is absolutely awesome, I hope you get to finish it, as I look forward to playing it more.

wow! super cute. Thanks for making this.

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I played the game and I absolutely loved it!! It's really amazing and so creative! The art is beautiful and it's probably one of my favorite games! I can't stop saying it's amazing! Awesome job, can't wait to finish the game and see what the full version is like! : ) Also I now realized the game is only suppose to be 11 mins apparently, I was too distracted by the beauty of it.

Wow! Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked the art :)

GREAT GAME i really enjoyed the two characters thing that is indeed a very unique idea ! The visuals where outstanding ! I Really cannot wait to play the Full-game ! i cannot wait ! when is the release btw ?? but for everyone i highly recommend this game if you enjoy platformers ! and even not platform gamers ! here is my LP if it if you still not convinced

Hey there, thanks for the compliments!

It is well deserved :D when is there new content ?:D

We are working on the full game currently. The release is TBA, but follow our studio's twitter(@buddysystemla) to stay up to date on news.

Nice Followed :D, Will it be free ?? if not can u hook me up with a key ?

It won't be free. Still working on a price point, but we are keeping a list of folks we'd like to supply keys to. I'll add you to it, but no promises at the moment. Thanks for your interest!

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Congrats on the game

here's my let's play


Hey! :) This game was a very unique experience! In terms of controlling multiple "objects" at the same time. The intro audio was orgasmic to listen to, and the entire game was visually pleasing! Well done to the creators! :) Please, don't hesitate to have a look at my lets play! :)

Thanks for playing and posting your video. Glad you liked the music too.

This game was awesome! Just did a let's play of this!

Thanks for doing a let's play! Always appreciated.

LOVED THIS GAME. I am even playing it in my free time when I am not recor

Thanks for playing and posting your video. I subscribed :) Also I noticed your frame rate seemed a little choppy. Was that the video quality or was it actually that choppy on your end?

It was on my end. The game ran fine it was just my recorder and thanks for subscribing!

ok cool that is good to know. And if you are interested, Open Broadcaster works pretty well for recording games.

Alright thanks! I will look into that

Loved this, such a great concept and quirky aesthetic. I included it in my round-up of the best free horror games on, which is here:

Any news on moving forward with a full game? I'd love to keep up to date and share your progress with our readers!


Hey there. We have expanded the team by bringing on a writer. She's a really talented fantasy author, so we are super excited about that. We recently uploaded a new demo with updated lighting, UI and some minor bug fixes, and right now we are getting ready to show Little Bug at PAX! We may upload an expanded version of the demo in fall, but right now we are pretty focused on concepting out the full game and submitting to fests. Thanks for playing and reaching out!

This game FREAKING amazing, and honestly can't wait for the actual game I wanna to do a full gameplay of this! from the music to the dark themes, I think this was one of my favorite demos, great job Bela! and company! My experience with the game

Thanks a bunch! Awesome video btw. Love the excitement!

Thank you! haha can't wait for the full game! :D keep it up! I am honored to have played it!

Nice game! Is this made entirely using Unity?

yes it is. I used Blender, Ableton and Flash for the assets.

Appreciate the reply. Thank you and good luck

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I came across this while downloading some other game. It caught my eye a lot, because I was interested in someone else's title (I won't mention that here, because it'd be like advertising) very similar to this, except it wasn't 2.5D and all of that. I must say the playstyle of this game was a perfect balance of discoveries and difficulty to get through the confusion. I love it!

Thanks, I'm glad you appreciated the difficulty. Still trying to balance it out a bit more tho.

We Loved the game! Can't wait till the full game comes out!

thanks! workin on it....

Very beautiful. And the movement is great, finally no boring-slow walking around and precision-jumping, just flinging all the time without being only accessible to grappling-hook pros. :)

Its style is amazing.And I suggest the light ball should appear at the kid's side when resume(resurrection?).because it usually touches hand or TEAR-BULLET,then die again and again...

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The light ball is programmed to do what you are saying, but alas that "little bug" occurs randomly during respawns. I'm currently working on an update that will include a fix to that, some lighting changes and a local vs mode. So stay tuned! By the way, were you playing with a Mac or Windows?

Windows10.Thanks for your working.And I still have some questions.Is the kid a boy or a girl?Does the light ball have a name or the title "little bug" means it?What are the plants in the bottle?What will the vs mode be like?Or you dont have to tell me.I can wait to see in the full game.

Yeah those are all good questions. I will say that I am reworking a few things and all of those questions will become more clear. The main character is supposed to be a girl, but I chose to not femme her up too much.

ok!thank you=)

Loved this game! (Loved the music too!) Thank you for making this fun game! ^-^

thanks for playing!


While testing your demo, enjoying your beautiful art and your original concept ('cause there are and I enjoyed it :) ), I encoutered some problems. Indeed, playing on a keyboard alone, I had difficulties controlling both the character and the lightfairy and had to quit when those skills were the most required (I don't know if it's me who is terrible, or if other tester had the same problem ^^" ).

Apparently on gamepad (or even in coop) this problem is not a real one, but maybe a message inquiring the player to use a gamepad could help :)

Also, but this may be only my tastes, or it's intentional, I find the little girl quite disturbing ^^"

Except those "negative" comments, it's a wonderful game and I hope you'll be able to make it a full game :)


Thanks for the honest critique. Always appreciated. Players have been commenting that the last bit is pretty hard, but that was a design choice I made for this short demo. The full game will allow for a much smoother increase in difficulty. New character designs and other art makeovers are in the works as well.

Thanks for your answer ,I will stay informed of the future of this game, and I will definitively pay for a full game version :)

Good continuation to you !

No problem, thanks!

Love the rising tension as the demo builds to its finale. The joy of the tether is none too shabby either. Good work team, I look forward to the full game!

Such an adorable game. Plays incredibly smoothly, graphics are gorgeous, and such a unique concept. Definitely a favorite from this site so far, and I'm excited for the full version. Bravo!


Works and looks like a charm. I'm in love with gameplay and waiting for complete game! I don't know if that's something you want to achieve but the game has nice psychodelic feeling wich is what i like! Good job!

Thanks, yes I'm drawing up plans for a full version.

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This was a great demo game! Any chance it will turn into a full game?

Hey. Yes, that is the plan. I'm tweaking mechanics, writing and making new art at the moment, but I'm waiting to hear back from fest submissions before I announce a date.

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Thanks for the video and comment. I'm glad that the game fit your style of play.


Very nice game ! I hope lots of people will discover this game because it's amazing !!

Here is my gameplay:

thanks! I appreciate that.

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Hey there. I noticed this happens on Mac if you have "windowed mode" checked in the resolution settings menu. So make sure it's unchecked. Let me know if that solves your problem, I'm looking into fixes.

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I'll have to hard code some of those annoying built in unity graphics options so this doesn't happen to anyone else. And thanks for the comments.

Cool concept! Love the art style! Really Fancy! :D

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Beautiful take on the side-scrolling platformer genre. Gameplay is challenging and fun. Even without a single word spoken, there's clearly an interesting story unfolding. Can't wait for the full game!

Here's an entertaining look at the full demo.

Thanks for doing a let's play! I'll check it out.

Thanks for making such a cool game! When do you plan to release the full game?

In short, TBA. This is the first game I've planned out and made on my own, and it took me a while to get to this point. I have a lot of new gameplay, story and polish to add, but I work alone 95% of the time. I post dev updates regularly on twitter, so follow me @belamessex to stay up to date. Thanks for keeping in touch.

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I really enjoyed this game! I am looking forward to playing the complete version, here is a game play video I made of the game to give people an idea of what the game is like!

Thanks for playing and posting a video!


What a cool little game!


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this game is beautiful! Love the colours and atmosphere especially. it's freaking amazing, took me a while to not suck at the platforming (still suck somewhat, haha) but it's such a clever and well-executed concept. 5* and have a little tip from another bedroom dev

what's the little tip? Also it's good to hear that a non-platformer person like you was into it. That was definately a goal for me

I meant a tiny donation in your tip jar, haha :) and yes, I played it all the way to the end despite being really bad at it! I thought the mechanic was very clever once I got the hang of it.

Oh gotcha

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crud, I accidentally double posted instead of editing, sorry. :) anyway, I don't even like platformers but I loved this.

Thanks for your feedback! Maybe I should add atmospheric platformer to the description. That seems to be a common thread.

This game is completely amazing! The concept is unique and the art mind-blowing. I had a blast playing it! I hope you can finish your game successfully.


Thanks! You know it's comments like this that make it possible for bedroom devs like me to keep it up. I'm really glad you liked it.

Wow! That art is amazing *-*



Loved the concept the artwork and the sound effects :)! I am looking forward to the full release ! Here's my gameplay video :)!


This is fantastic, from the art & great music, to the unique gameplay. This has me wanting more. I had to play it on my youtube channel because everyone should know about this game.


thanks! really appreciate that, and your video was funny.

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