New Patch Notes + 8/10 IGN review!

We got our first major review from IGN South East Asia and it’s really positive. We are melting - an 8/10 from them is huge!
"Little Bug definitely is setting the bar on how much more interesting indie games can be, especially when it comes to gathering lore and stories..."
Give it a read here.

We also uploaded a new build with some improvements and fixed a few bugs.
Here are the notes:

  • Code that caused bugs when playing at low FPS have been optimized.
  • Special items in the Altar now activate a pop-up with input prompts to open its bonus level.
  • Physics and trigger events have been optimized further.
  • Some Lunchbox bugs have been fixed, but we still know of a couple more and we are working on them.
  • Windowed mode has been added to the in game settings menu.
  • A few new checkpoints have been added to the main story in areas that were particularly challenging.

We are still working on fixing bugs and we appreciate your feedback as we get closer to making Little Bug bug free ;)


Little Bug OST 34 MB
Sep 25, 2018
Little Bug_v1.1.3 247 MB
Sep 30, 2018
Little Bug_v1.1.3 240 MB
Sep 30, 2018
Little Bug_v1.1.3 236 MB
Sep 30, 2018

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