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Hey i dowloaded it from my email because it came with the bundle but i cant connect it to here or play it. Anyone know what to do?

hey there! Someone else mentioned they had trouble launching through the itch launcher. If you can locate the file on your computer and double click the .exe or .app you should be good to go. Let me know if that works!

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Bought bundle it came in and download not working correctly.

[UPDATED] Able to downlaod from main site, just not through                                                                                                                                         the   itch launcher.

really wanna try this beautiful game :)

Thanks for letting me know! Did you get it working ok?


If you happen to want to play Little Bug under 64-bit Linux, I made a shell script to download and extract the Unity support files for it. Just run this in the same directory as the exacted game files (Little Bug_Data and Little Bug.x86):

curl -L | sh

It'll create a Little Bug.x86_64 executable.

Thank you! I'm super new to Linux, this is very helpful.

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Ah, I played this when it was just a demo! That's so cool to see it grow up into a full game <3


Glad you could be here for the whole journey :)